Organisational Strategy

A great strategy requires fierce reflection and a bold, singular vision.  Something that will light a fire in your staff and customers.
Together we will create a new strategy to harness the very best of what your organisation is capable of.
I specialise in creating strategic & implementation plans that are in daily use.  The plan I devise with you won’t sit in a drawer.

Fundraising Strategy

Fundraising creates the opportunity for donors to impact a problem too big for them to solve on their own.
Whether you need a full review or advice on a particular tactic, I will work with you to create a diversified, effective fundraising portfolio for your organisation, whether you are just starting out in fundraising or keen to build on your existing success.

Marketing Strategy

There is no ‘everyone’.  There is only ‘me’.  It has never been more important to get razor-sharp clarity on who your customers are and craft intelligent communications.
As media and communications become more about the individual, your challenge is to harness this trend and use it as a tool for your success.  I work with you to identify your key audiences both inside and outside of your organisation and craft messages that move them to action.

Excellence Coaching

If all people needed was knowledge, everything would already be done.
Understanding who you need to be to succeed is vital.  As a transformational coach I specialise in working with leaders and their teams to unblock potential and ensure extraordinary performance.

Executive Services

If you ever wished there were more people on your Executive team to help you get to those important projects then this service is for you.
As a Senior Executive, I always had more on my urgent and important list than I could ever get done.  There were times I simply needed another one of me.
If you are at the point you need to clone yourself to get through a busy patch or would simply like to talk things through with someone of your skill set but with an external perspective, please call today.

Why SC?

Because you want to grow.  You want to grow your revenue, your brand or your impact.
After 20 years working inside charities and values-based businesses to refine their strategy and increase their impact, I struck out on my own with the goal of helping more organisations and executives succeed.
I have a track record of creating sustainable growth in net revenue, staff and customer engagement and stakeholder impact.  I’d love to find out if I can be of help to you. I have expertise in Corporate Social Responsibility, Health & Medical Research, Charity & Sustainability.
I will help you reach your goals – no matter how audacious they may seem.  I know your resources are precious and time is hard to come by.   I’ve been in your shoes so I know how to hear what you need.  I’ll do great work, based on evidence, that brings results.
I care about the things you care about, and I know how to get incredible results.

If you are ready to grow or are keen to find out what’s possible, please say hello.

Next Steps…

Say Hello. Call Sally today on 0414 099 534 or send me a message.