Over her 20 year career Sally has developed expertise in helping organisations undergo significant and sustainable growth. Some highlights include leading revenue and marketing as Associate Director at the Hunter Medical Research Institute, the second largest in NSW and helping Climate Friendly expand from Sydney to a truly global business with offices in London and Zurich.

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Sally is a strategist with a focus on growth.

She has comprehensive insights across health and medical research, sustainability, charities and how these interact with government and industry. 

Sally provides advisory input to Boards, CEOs and Executives, helping them see beyond the current business horizon and take advantage of growth opportunities. 

With experience in multiple ventures and industries, she will focus your strategic vision, then design the tactical approaches you need. These could include (but are not limited to):

    • Creating or clarifying business strategy
    • Marketing strategy 
    • Fundraising strategy
    • Connection to the right communities, advisory groups and networks
    • Product development
    • Supply chain efficiencies
    • Business system design and implementation
    • Creating high performing teams and culture
    • Workshops and facilitation

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